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About Us

Bulllic consulting and professional services firm that provides strategy, consulting, and operations services in the global market through Pakistan Stock Exchange, Foreign Stock Market, Forex, Cryptocurrency, Commodities, Energies (Oil, Gas, etc.), Metals (Gold, Silver, etc.), and Binary Trading by demonstrating in online Trading Market.
Bulllic provides the platform to formulate the Market wealth by establishing in your own Business through enormous e-Trading Business Modules.
Bulllic helps you to create your products by arranging and managing international projects with our partners and clients. Our innumerable capabilities allow us to respond to the needs of clients and students.

Why Us

In Pakistan, we are the first pioneers of online trading consultancy . We strive to not only provide genuine education and advice to our customers and students, but also to consistently exceed expectations and goals. We established longer and closer working relationships with our clients and students. We deliver accurate strategy, consulting, and operations services for trading with reported maximum revenues. We have designed the course so you can easily work in every market around the world.(i.e. Pakistan Stock Exchange, Foreign Stock Exchange, Forex, Cryptocurrency, Commodities Trading, Energy Trading Oil, Gas, and so on, Metals Trading Gold, Silver, and so on, and Binary Trading). We look forward to welcoming you to our institute so that you can develop and improve your trading education and business.

Course Outline

Level I

  1. Platform Set Up
  2. Introduction to different markets
    • Foreign Stock Trading
    • Pakistan Stock Trading
    • Crypto currency
    • Commodities Trading
    • Energies
    • Metals
    • Binary Trading
  3. History of Trading
  4. Buying and Selling
  5. Market Size and Liquidity
  6. Different Ways to Trade
  7. Advantage of Trading
  8. Players in Markets

Level II

  1. Type of Analysis
  2. Technical Analysis Overview
  3. Fundamental Analysis Overview
  4. Technical vs. Fundamental Analysis
  5. Introduction to Support & Resistance
  6. Introduction to Trend Lines
  7. Introduction to Channels
  8. Introduction to Japanese Candlestick
  9. Basic Japanese Candlestick Patterns
  10. Candlestick Patterns I.
  11. Candlestick Patterns II.
  12. Candlestick Patterns III.
  13. Use of Fibonacci.

Level III

  1. Types of trends
  2. Support and resistance level
  3. Shifting of support and ressistance level
  4. Candlestick reversal pattern
  5. Trend reversal and continuation chart patterns
  6. 20 up /20 down strategies
  7. Money management
  8. Trading psychology

Course Charges

Duration : 3 Months

Programme Fee : 1500$

Attendance : Online / physical classes

Skill Level : Beginner To Advance

Start Date : Continues

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